Layers of a Dog’s Life

In the morning I get up and do my yoga. My favourite pose it downward dog.

I like to dress according to my beliefs and I’m a strong advocate for social equity and saving our environment, especially those big open spaces that I love going to.


After yoga and breakfast I like to go down the beach. I generally only wear the essentials there as it gets pretty hot.


I catch up with friends and we can hang out, gossip  and check out what’s been happening.


When I get home I generally chill out on the sofa for a few hours in the back yard.


If I’ve got plenty of energy still a walk in the bush is fun.


The rest of the day I snooze a bit.


By evening I like to have a few cuddly blankets on the bed if it is cool. I’m partial to brown and animal prints at the moment. I think they help me sleep well and then I have some great dreams.


Sometimes I dream I’m a dog.


In Zanzibar one of the greetings is ‘Mambo?’ which could be responded to in various ways. My favourite was  ‘Freshi’. I have always thought this was a great answer to a greeting. It is so much more colourful than the standard responses of ‘good’ or ‘fine’.

It evokes in me a memory of those  years I spent on that island; idyllic in so many ways, yet struggling with its identity, and struggling on its road to development while trying not to get lost in the influx of tourism and all the positives and negatives this industry has created.Zanzibar Market

Fresh Produce in the Market, Zanzibar


The market was always a somewhat chaotic place; a cacophony of colour, movement and noise, with the constant bustle of people searching for and buying their wares, chatting, gossiping, calling out their sales pitch and of course the constant greetings.