Which Way?

As 2016 draws to a close I reflect on the past year and wonder what the future holds for us. What path are we on, have we chosen the right path, and if we go the wrong way will we be able to navigate through or turn back to a better course?

Sometimes it isn’t obvious which is the right path, but normally we do know when we have gone off course and are going the wrong way. I fear that at the moment the world is certainly following a path to a very uncertain future.


The Yorkshire Dales


9 thoughts on “Which Way?

  1. I have always lived in hope….almost always sure that right and just actions will be taken by those of influence over our lives. But now I to wonder just where the paths we tread are heading. We now seem to live in a world where the so called intelligent politicians don’t listen…..yet bullies and eccentrics rule the roost tell lies yet get the praise. Sad reflection on the progress our collective society has made.

    But we still have to hope


    • I nearly extended my post to say similar and I couldn’t agree more. We just have to hope it is a stage in our so called ‘development’ that we will get through relatively unscathed so we might move on to a different world

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  3. The not knowing is part of the excitement, no? When I looked at your photo I thought the bolts (nails?) on the post defined a surprised face: 😲, as it pointed the way which I found hilarious. Anyway, hope your holidays were joyous and here’s to a Happy New Year full of adventure!

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