All in the Detail


I took this photo on my last trip to Bali. I was relaxing in the heat of the day on the terrace in front of my room, listening to the sounds of nature around me and taking in the serenity of the ricefields. With all the water and lush vegetation there were many insects and dragonflies flitting between frangipanis, bougainvillea and waterlilies.


Often when I hear conversations about travel I wonder at what the person has experienced and seen. They ‘do’ countries in quick succession, often staying in five star hotels and ‘seeing’ the country in a couple of days before heading on to the next. They ‘do’ long road trips with the destination more important than smelling the roses or seeing the detail along the way. Perhaps it’s just two different ways of seeing the world, and there is so so much to see.

I love to travel and absorb the surroundings and culture. I think most of my best travel experiences have been when I’ve had no money and have stayed in homestays or basic accommodation or better still when I have been volunteering to help out in a community.

Of course I wouldn’t turn down a nice little five star boutique hotel every now and then though!

State of Mind


Padi fields and Mt Agung, Bali, Indonesia

I only have to look at a photo like this of Bali and a sense of peacefulness descends. Maybe I should blow one up and hang it on a wall at home? In Bali you can’t help but imbibe the more peaceful and spiritual aspects of the culture. When I say Bali, I refer to the traditional areas away from the commercial and tourist hub of Kuta and surrounds. But even there you still get glimpses into the real Bali.

Yet, how you perceive the photo is so much dependent on your state of mind. If I was to think about the rice planting and  harvest, and the back breaking hours and days in those paddy fields, my empathy gets the better of me and my mood changes.



State of mind