A Face in a Crowd


During assembly at the School of St Yared in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A school set up to help fight poverty through education.

Give an Ethiopian child living in extreme poverty an education, and you will change the course of their life and the lives of their families forever.

Eyes in all directions and only one face looking at me.

St Yareds




Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse is a famous food market in Lyon, France. Last year we were there on Valentines Day. A food lovers paradise, the markets have an array of some of the finest produce in France, including  these delicious sweet offerings.


Sadly Paul Bocuse, probably one of the most prominent chefs of our time, died earlier this year aged 91. He held a 3 star Michelin rating for over 50 years.





Beloved Birds


Red-tailed, black cockatoos of Western Australia, with their loud distinctive calls, are classified as a threatened species, mainly due to habitat loss. I took this photo when a small flock temporarily settled, with great noise and attitude, in the gum tree in front of our house, before they moved on to feed in another tree close by. I always find their noisy movement and chatter uplifting as they charge the air with their energy and antics. They can live to fifty years of age and there is concern that a lot of the birds we are now seeing are these older birds and not juveniles, as successfully breeding is affected dramatically by vegetation clearing and lack of tree hollows for nesting. I hope that Perth will stop expanding in the destructive urban sprawl that often forces the clear-felling of bushland, and that we will continue to be visited by these beloved birds for many years to come.