Victory can be hard to come by – an African Election

On Sunday 25th October 2015 Tanzania went to the polls in their general election.



Election rally and pre-election excitement in rural southern Tanzania. The blue and red colours of the Ukawa opposition, Chadema.


The ever popular Maalim Seif (Seif Sharif Hamad) CUF leader (opposition) and expected victor in the Zanzibar presidential race. Although during and after the vote had been counted he was declared by everyone as the official winner, the Electoral Commission claimed irregularities and the vote was annulled. Victory was denied.



A rural polling booth. Many queued for hours as for the first time in its post-colonial history and the forming of CCM, Africa’s longest-reigning party, there was a possibility of change – the opposition parties had combined and there was real hope.


Only one opposition poster in a sea of  green and yellow that covered many walls in Dar es Salaam, the business capital. The colours of the ruling CCM party, who once again retained power in what was a close contest with the combined Ukawa opposition parties.

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