Forces of Nature or Climate Change?

Many of the top world climate scientists believe the UN conference in Paris at the end of this year is our last chance to avoid global warming and climate change on a calamitous scale.

The increase in global warming must not exceed 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and the world needs to work together to prevent this for our climate, our economy and our communities.


Margaret River bush fires, Western Australia

Fires, floods, droughts and cyclones are costing lives and livelihoods and reducing our productivity.

Instead of limiting our consumption of fossil fuels the world, in general, wants more.

We know that clean renewable energy is almost as cheap as fossil fuels, yet the big polluters have the ears of our governments.


Dogs playing in flood water – River Ouse, North Yorkshire, England.

We are at risk of becoming complacent as these events become more common, so that in the end we fail to act.

We can do something before it is too late.

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5 thoughts on “Forces of Nature or Climate Change?

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  2. In the middle, are the politicians with the authority to take action over climate change.
    Fighting for the attention of these pollies are climate scientists (on one side) and mega (polluting) corporations (on the other).
    In comparison, climate scientists have very little bargaining power and will probably lose.

    I made up an expression many years ago which is = = =>
    “Those with expertise have no authority, and those with authority have no expertise”.

    Another way it can be summed up is in this cartoon . . .



  3. I agree with that – some of the comments made by our ‘leaders’ and their’ advisors’ appear satirical when they have no intention of being so.


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