The Goat Herder

In May 2013, I was doing some voluntary work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  I was working at the School of St Yared,  set up in 2009 to educate those children who would not normally get a chance, due to their poverty and family circumstances. The aim being that through education the poverty cycle can be broken and when these children become adults they can become leaders within their communities.

On my first visit to Ethiopia I didn’t manage to explore further than the edge of Addis city, so on this occasion I decided to go community trekking to western Meket in the mountains near Lalibela, one of Ethiopia’s most sacred sites.


This photo, one of my favourites, was taken one morning just after breakfast, purely by chance when a small goat herder came skipping over the ridge.

He went past with an inquisitive smile and I wondered if he had ever had the chance to go to school or if this was the only life he knew, helping his family and roaming the mountainside with their goats in search of pasture.


8 thoughts on “The Goat Herder

  1. Yes, Jules, I agree with Janet. It is a lovely and poignant capture. While I’ve seen many “motion” pictures of children at play, so many children in the world don’t have that luxury. Thanks for making this contribution to the challenge.


  2. The shades of blues in the background perfectly contrast to the images — really making the images come alive. As do your words. The “wondering” you do about the boy draws me in — I wonder what he’s doing now? Thought provoking. Love this post.

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