Thin light

                                                         touched with warmth

                                                         chases the shadows.

                                                         Colours emerge

                                                         and the day begins.


3 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. Oh, this is beautiful! The photo is lovely but the words are sublime. I almost like reading the poem while having the photo covered….so I can imagine the scene. Wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Liking “Waves in Fury”. Although I’ve never been to Australia, after reading your Me, I must comment on our “connections.” I am relatively new to writing poetry, and just started my blog in March — if you look at my About, you’ll see I’m in my period of “rejuvenaqtement” (I refuse to use the word “retirement”) and, like you, love to use words. My children (now 38 and 40) used to give way with those high pitched screams of frustration or “Mine” feelings when they were in their terrific twos (definitely not terrible twos) and I always said “Use your words.” Now here I am, after all these years, following the same moniker!
    And yes, while I love your photos and they are certainly easier to look at quickly and have a visceral reaction to, I truly appreciate your words — as in this post!
    My past job directing a Global MBA took me around the world, and Singapore was a favorite of mine! Isn’t the airport amazing? And did you go to the park to watch the kite flying?
    Although not a “photographer” by any means, I love the ability of photos to take me back in time, or forward to a place I imagine or don’t know about yet. Your mention of the slide projector made me smile as we have one stowed away, complete with those tin boxes that line up slides — many of old family in their youth, taken by my dad who always showed slides on our big white living room wall.
    Happy to get to know you a bit — I love the “return policy” of blogs….you Liked my photo and poem….and so I got the opportunity this morning to peruse your site and will definitely become one of the “few” 🙂 who follow your meanderings! 🙂
    Cheers! Hope you stop by again. lillian

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