My Blog is a Year Old, or Young.

Wow! I’ve been blogging for a year and even though I can be a little random in the frequency of my posts, I have a ‘few’ followers and enjoy the interaction and conversation, albeit through the ‘internet-sphere’. I am surprised that it is my photography and not my writing that attracts the most interest. Is that because it is quicker to appraise and ‘like’ a photo than a piece of writing? It is certainly quicker, on most occasions, to take the photo or to choose and to post it.

I have always loved photography and since I was a teenager, when I first learnt to develop my own black and white photographs, I have built up a vast collection of pictures. Some of these early black and whites are heaped in a box. I have boxes of negatives, boxes of slides and now files and files of digital images. I have cameras in a cupboard that have not seen the light of day for many years: my photographer mother’s Roliflex that she had swapped for a Leica as she preferred it for the portraits that were her passion; the old Yashica, my first ever camera; the Olympus I used at college; the Nikon with multiple lenses, that I loved and had cost me a fortune in Singapore at a time when I was working and travelling throughout South East Asia; my first digital camera, which was a compact Fuji; my first digital SLR – back to Olympus again, I think because it was lighter to carry amongst other reasons; and finally my trusted Panasonic Lumix camera that now goes on all my travel adventures because it fits in my pocket and takes pictures that are more about the moment and I find less intrusive than a larger camera.


some of my cameras…


But what about my writing? Have I been using the blog as I thought? I have vented my frustration on a few issues, I completed ‘Writing 101’ to help establish myself as a blogger, I’ve written a mixture of commentary, life writing and fiction and even a couple of poems – that surprised me! I have added my thoughts to other people’s blogs and am making a commitment to myself to do more of this. That for me at this moment is what blogging is all about – the interaction and knowledge that someone is enjoying or being provoked into thought by my post.

So yes, my writing and words have been a large part of my blog and even though it can be easier to post a photo, I  also will always make sure to have some ‘verbalising’ there each month. Having said that, even I am not sure how the next year of blogging will evolve.

11 thoughts on “My Blog is a Year Old, or Young.

  1. Hi Jules, Thank you for stumbling on my blog and taking some time to comment. I totally agree about your sentiments on writing vs. photographs. I find my photographs get all the spotlight attention and my writing is rarely talked about. I do notice that I have grown a lot in my photographic knowledge which is such a thrill and my writing is more just for me, which I am fine with. I love a good story inspired by or inter-mixed with photographs. I feel like I am posting a “naked” post if it is just images or just writing, because my creativity is equally inspired by both. Keep up doing what feels good to you, others will continue to “like” or respond as they decide, not for you to worry about. Your words and work are honest and colorful. I am happy to have connected. Enjoy!!


  2. Hi. I’m just coming up to the end of my first year of blogging. I also did the Blogging 101 course (my third attempt, as I am not good with technology, hence the name of my blog). My blog is still evolving, it hasn’t completely turned out like I hoped, but who cares? I’ve met so many nice people from all over the world, and I love the daily challenges. I try to post something everyday, it gets very addictive!

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