Singing Wren

“What’s going in that pot?”

“Dad wants to put the bamboo in it,” I say for the fifth time in twenty-four hours. My gaze falls on the large Malaysian plant pot across the lawn at the far side of the garden.

“Oh” Mum continues wiping the glass of the outside table. It’s smeared with cheese and the debris of yesterday’s eating.

I watch her and wonder how her brain is now working. What would it be like to start to lose your memory? Outwardly she appears the same if not a little older and more shrunken. She jokes that she is shrinking each year. It isn’t a joke. She visibly shrinks before our eyes as she reaches the last of her octogenarian years and moves towards her next decade. What do you call someone in their nineties? A nonagenarian. That sounds wrong. It should be some not none.

She pauses on her way up the steps to the back door leading into the kitchen, tilts her head, listening. “Oh, he’s been calling for his mate all week.” She sets off again as the bird’s high-pitched song dances around the garden. “Poor thing.”

I look around scanning the rose arch, yew and hawthorn hedge, the scattered shrubs and summer flowers, searching for the wren. I know it is a wren for she told me yesterday when we walked around the garden. She had named the plants and knew which season they would be in flower and the colour and size of blossom, which ones were scented and which ones they’d placed in the wrong spot, where they couldn’t flourish.

A lifetime of knowledge.

7 thoughts on “Singing Wren

  1. I think the writing here is good! You’re right about there not being anything to indicate that this is a serial piece, but that can easily be fixed tomorrow with a ‘Part 2’ annex to your title or a mention of the singing wren… the transition can happen later on and glance back, and can still be effective… thanks for sharing!


  2. Love this and am familiar with the scene.
    Haven’t written mine yet, will do it today. Have a hard time with my memory so either have to ask family or throw some fiction out there along with the facts. I look forward to the rest of your story.


      • Having an email conversation with 4 of my sibs regarding the time I am thinking about. It has definitely helped to bring back memories. They are sending pictures also. This is from 2001 so great that we all have some different thoughts on it.


    • Thanks
      I will do that when I have some time! I hardly have time to keep up with the 101 at the moment and all the new traffic on my blog! Can’t complain though. All good.


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